Sunday, September 2, 2012

Encore Day 042 somewhere on the Baltic Sea - Leipzig

Now my trip is really really really over. Early in the morning our ferry arrived in Rostock. I had to say goodbye to Alex, who had been a wonderful cycling companion. It was her first cycling trip and though she did complain every now and then she always kept going :o). Let's see, it is very well possible that some part of the world will see us cycling again.
I went home by train. First thing at home after unpacking my bike: finally a shave. Now I have only one day left until I am back to normal life - on Monday at 8:30 I will start working again :-O
But it is good that way - I had a extremely, exceptionally, extraordinarily great time, but after more than a year it is good to be back home. Here I can see my family and friends, here I can make music and here I will actually have time to think about all the wonderful experiences of the last year.

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