Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Encore Day 004 Göttingen - Diemeltalsperre

I managed to start pretty early after having breakfast with my wonderful couchsurfing hosts. I had not really planned the trip any further than Goettingen. I knew the general direction and I knew that I had enough time, so I just navigated by sun - which was pretty easy as I have to go straight west. A couple of times this made me push the bicycle across some stubble fields and meadows, but that was totally worth it. During the ride I pondered about what my life will be like once I am really back in Leipzig, especially how I could possibly find a girl bold enough to stay with me. I don't exactly consider myself the king of seduction, so it was very much to my surprise when during my trip I found myself in a very short love affair. Even though it was over very quickly and never really had a promising future it somehow kept my mind occupied for quite some time. But It seems like this being-an-adventurer-thing makes it kind of easy to find a girl that is looking for a quick adventure, but it doesn't really help in finding someone who wants to spend more than a night or two with you.
In the evening the thought of a refreshing shower made me go to an official camp ground. But the weather was great so I did not bother building up my tent and went to sleep under the starlit sky. That night I saw the largest and brightest shooting star of my life - and that can only be a good sign.

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  1. a dying star as a reason for optimism? ~.^