Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Encore Day 010 Lübbenau - Czarnowice

Now that the real tour is done and I am only doing the encore, laziness takes over. I had some great party days in Western Germany, went back to Leipzig by train to sign my work contract and had planned to start cycling eastwards yesterday. But I was to lazy. I had to get a new back light for my bike and I had to buy a bicycle helmet and than it was way after lunchtime and I didn't feel like doing much anyway, so I just stayed at home one more day. This morning I cheated by taking a train to Lübbenau and started cycling from there. The first quarter or so went through the wonderful Spreewald, but also the rest of the trip was very beautiful. In the evening I finally entered a new country again: Poland! I found a small holiday fishing ground where they would let me put up my tent and give me a shower for a few Zloty. And the owner tought me my first Polish word (but as I have no idea how to write it, I cannot put it here).

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