Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Encore Day 037 Aespa - Tallinn

I fought the very dangerous tiger Simon most of the night. In the morning we made some plans - our host Railis sister is living in Tallinn, so we could stay there. Raili even decided to join us  (though not on bicycle) and show us around. We cycled the short distance to Tallinn and within the last 10km of your journey we got into some heavy rain. Very spontaneous heavy rain. We were cycling in bright sunshine and 2 minutes later we were completely soaked. Fortunately we had only few kilometers left. We returned Alex's bike at the bus station and met up with Raili again. We went to her sisters place, got into dry clothes and went to Old town to have probably the best pancakes of our lives. We went a bit through the very beautiful old town until it was time to have some ciders in the park - illegaly, as drinking in public spaces is forbidden :-O Somehow we didn't stop at that, so we gathered quite some experiences with the Tallinn bar culture.

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