Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sock saving day 061 Istanbul

I got my favourite cycling socks back! Thanks so much to my sock saviours Hanni and Arinç. After I stupidly forgot them on the clothesline in Sofia Hanni collected them and sent them to Arinç who delivered them back to me today at noon. You are great people!

Soooo, with a big being-reunited-with-socks smile on my face I entered the ferry for
Sightseeing part 2: Hagia Sofia. Build as a church in the 6th century, later used as a mosque, now a museum. Very impressing both for the overall architecture and the many splendid details - christian icons, islamic calligraphy, natural marble markings,...
After that overload of beauty I had to rest a bit in a nearby park before I took the ferry back to Asia to have coffee and icecream with Oya - we met more than 3 years ago in Addis Abeba at our mutual hospitality club host Monikas place - sometimes the world truely is a small. We should not forget to be thankful about being born at the right time in the right place and thus being able to travel and make friends even in the farthest places.
In the evening I feasted with my host Burcu and another couchsurfer on turkish specialties and checked out some very atmospheric club/pub. I really like the Asian side of Istanbul!

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