Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 060 Istanbul

Istanbul sightseeing part 1: the Blue Mosque - was not very blue - I hope I picked the right one - nevertheless very beautiful. Hagia Sofia opposite to it was still closed, so I strolled around a bit and later relaxed with a guitar and seaview at the hostel before I started to evaluate the options for onward travel after Iran. Problems for getting to India are: Visa for Pakistan is pretty much impossible when entering on a bicycle from Iran, for a detour via Central Asia I would have to wait until spring, finding a boat from Iran or Arabia to India is next to impossible, too. So, if you have any good idea (except "take a plane"): tell me tell me!
In the late afternoon I took a ferryboat to the Asian side of Istanbul and watched the sunset before meeting my couchsurfing host Burcu. Incredible person - she seems to know and is eager to talk about everything, so it was quite late when I found some sleep.

Oh yeah, solution to yesterdays win-a-postcard-game: Obviously there is no generally accepted definition for the term most populated city, because there is no definition of the area of a city. According to wikipedia Istanbul is the 4th biggest city, however even German and English wikipedia disagree on who is no. 1-3. Sooo, if I can choose my favourite 1-3 I go for the German variation Mexico D.F., Shanghai, Beijing as I've been to all 3 already :o)

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