Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 045 София - somewhere near язовир „Искър“

Last nights hostel was nearly perfect for cyclists - free pasta for dinner and free all-you-can-eat breakfast. So I started well stuffed. I had initially planned to rest one more day in Sofia and take the most direct way to Plovdiv - but I felt relaxed enough and so I decided to follow Zvetis advice to make a detour through the beautiful mountains southeast of Sofia. Before that I first had to get out of the city. After I had been fighting my way along busy boulevards and rickety sidewalks into the suburbs a big surprise was waiting for me: a perfect bikepath which led me right to the edge of Sofia. There I had to get back on the road, but it was not overly busy and I more or less immediately entered the mountains and was once ago to busy marvelling at the landscape to care about that bit of traffic. I had planned to camp somewhere on the Iskar reservoir, but from the side I approached it I could not find any decent place - most of the beach on this side seems to be private property and is hidden behind high fences. So eventually I just took a random dirt road into the woods and ended up at a likewise nice spot at the river.
Tomorrow I will cycle even more up into the mountains. When I started 6 weeks ago I was trying to avoid mountains by all means because of the hëävÿ luggage and all. Now it looks like I really get into mountain cycling as the landscape is just so much more rewarding. I am even thinking about taking one day off to climb Musala because in Sofia I was adviced to do so by 3 independent and very trustable sources.

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