Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 059 Bandirma - Istanbul

This morning I said goodbye to Arthur for a couple of days and took the ferry to Istanbul.
I just arrived in time to enter the Iranian consulate. I had doubts if it would be open as the whole week the end of Ramadan will be celebrated. However it was open, but I just got the information that I would have to apply for a registration number via a registered travel agency before I could apply for the visa - this process will take more days than I planned to spend in Istanbul, so I guess I have to plan my route in a way that I can pick up the visa in Ankara, Erzurum or Trabzon.
Next mission: finding a place to sleep - I ended up in a hostel close to Hagia Sofia with a roof terrace overlooking the entrance to the Bosporus. After relaxing for an hour or so I ventured out to the city. All museums were closed because it is, so I just strolled around and did not come back until the evening. What I found out is that Istanbul has a lot of the following:
- people (4th most populated city in the world - Attention! Attention! Your chance to win a Postcard [or optional for people with divine musical taste a Telephon Call] from Istanbul! Be the first to write me the names of no. 1-3 and it will be yours!)
- tourists
- hills
- mosques (obviously)
- churches (to me: surprisingly)
- cats (feels to me like it could be 1st in cat population)

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  1. Hi Marek,

    nice to read, that you are already in turkey. I hope you get your visa for Iran in the not too distant future.

    Grettings from Christian from the big Q.