Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 048 Боровец - Пловдив

Workday. Not much happening today. Back in Leipzig some friends and me made fun of me using twitter during the trip, only to post "I am eating/cycling/sleeping" each and every day. Today was a bit like that. I started by rolling down the mountain from Borovets - this first 20km were the nicest and most exciting ones. Once I arrived in the Mariza plain (which I will follow until entering Turkey) not much happened. Just following a pretty busy road for 95km to Plovdiv. The only excitements were a short english/spanish talk with two pimps and a stork adorning a monument with the numerous prior names of Plovdiv. Plovdiv itself looks nice - there are even bike lanes here! Still I postponed the sightseeing to tomorrow and spent most of the evening planning my further route on the internet. I am in time, so my plan of meeting my cycling companions the Harbach brothers in Izmir in September will work out, yay! I will even have some days off in Istanbul before that, so I hope I can arrange my Visa for Iran there.

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