Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 050 Пловдив - Хасково

I started late because I still had to organize some stuff in Plovdiv. Now I am the proud owner of a map of Turkey, so I can plan where I will go to from tomorrow on.
The ride was pretty unexciting - I just followed the more or less straight road through the Upper Thracian Plain. The road was pretty busy though. Later in the evening it was described by my couchsurfing host as one of the worst roads for cycling in Bulgaria. I found it a bit annoying but not really dangerous - maybe because it is Saturday. From some point on many cars with German number plates were on the street. Many. It felt like half of them. In both directions. I am getting closer to Turkey now and there are a lot of Turkish people from Germany going this way.
In the evening I met my first vegetarian bulgarians, yeah: my couchsurfing host Ivan and his travel-crazy girlfriend. Very nice people :o)

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