Friday, August 26, 2011

Transcontinental day 056 Koruköy - Güreci

The rest of yesterdays evening was rather surrealistic.
Act 1: Because the owner of the Motel did not appear I eventually ensconced myself on one of the deck chairs on the beach. 5 minutes later, me laying in the sleeping bag watching the beautiful stars, some visitors: a Turkish guy who had plans to enter into a business relationship with a Russian harlot. The guy seemed to be in dire need - he was devastated when he learned that the owner was not there, so they would not have a place for doing their business. The Russian girl in turn was pretty relaxed and kept on joking about the guy in Turkish (me did not understand) and Russian (me understood half) while the three of us had a beer - I am not sure if this exactly stimulated customer satisfaction. At some point the guy realized that there probably won't be someone coming here today so they left, him not very happy. I went down to my deck chair again.
Act 2: After about an hour, I was actually sleeping on my deck chair, more visitors: finally the owner showed up, escorted by an older couple, all three seriously canned. The owner was all "no problem, stay here, no money *silly giggle*...", so I thought everything is fine, I can keep on sleeping - but no: they were in party mood! So soon I found myself playing guitalele to three drunk Turks and a dog, yeah! Eventually they brought some more booze - I figured that I would have a hard time keeping up with them considering their lead over me, so I tried my best to leave the party for my deck chair. After some discussion I succeeded and all I still noticed was some policemen joining and starting a dispute I did not understand. All I know: it was not about me and noone got arrested, so I finally could relax under the wonderful starry sky, puh!
When I got up the place was deserted again, so I prepared some breakfast and packed my stuff - only shortly before I left the older guy of yesterdays canned party appeared to wish me farewell with his hangover-headache-voice.
I crossed Gallipoli peninsula and reached the town of Gelibolu at noon sharp. I did not have much time for sentimentality as just when I arrived the ferry started which would bring me from Gelibolu (Europe) to Lapseki (Asia) !
Once in Asia I immediately started to cycle towards the Sea of Marmara, which turned out to be more difficult than expected. It seems that the main wind direction coincides with the main surface water flow: from the Black Sea through the Sea of Marmara to the Mediterranean Sea - exactly the opposite way I was going, grmpf. Furthermore it was more up& down... The only bright spot: there is a lot of road construction going on, here on the Asian side as well as yesterday in Europe - so a good portion of yesterday and today I could cycle on the not-yet-opened lanes of a soon-to-be-4-lane-highway, thus avoiding unfair battles with trucks and buses. This gave me a chance to enjoy the great views of the Marmara Sea. Now I ended up in Güreci at a Motel directly at the beach. The sea is pretty rough here, so I was alone when I jumped into the high waves, yippieh! My window is facing the sea so now I will go to sleep with the roaring of the waves in my ear, good night!

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