Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 051 Хасково - Свиленград

I spent the morning playing guitar while I waited for my hosts Ivan and Tery to come home. They were visiting the self-proclaimed eighth wonder of the world: the huge market of Dimitrovgrad. As they started early in the morning I missed it - I am usually not very good at getting up early, but after cycling in the heat it is especially hard. They are both seriously crazy about travelling - in a way that make my trip sound like a relaxing golfing holiday: they did things like a camping trip through the Baltics in February and Tery will soon be hitchhiking alone to and allthrough Africa.
After I got going I had a short look at one of Haskovos main attractions: world biggest statue of Virgin Mary - Guinness book certified. Then I joined the busy road with 50% German cars again. Fortunately it got a bit better after about half of the distance: first because the road is blocked for Trucks and Busses on Friday and Sunday between 16.00 and 22.00, later because I could take a less busy parallel road. The landscape was a bit more exciting today with some small heights at the foothills of the Rhodopes - still I miss the mountains of Western Bulgaria. In the evening I arrived in my last town in beautiful Bulgaria - Svilengrad in the country triangle with Greece and Turkey. Tomorrow I will visit both :)

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