Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 052 Свиленград - Ελλασ - Edirne

1 Day, 3 Alphabets, 3 Languages, 3 Countries, 1 Happy Ending. Started in Svilengrad, Bulgaria - went through Greece - and ended up in Edirne, Turkey. Of course it was only a very small part of Greece I went through. All this time I followed a huge almost empty highway with perfect surface and wide shoulders for cycling. So ticking Greece off the list is not the only good reason to  this way to the busy direct Svilengrad-Edirne highway. I only passed through two greek villages, so I cannot say that I have seen much of the country. Eventually I entered Turkey, yeay! It is a huge country - it took me 7 weeks to get here and this is about the time I am planning to stay here! When driving into Edirne it already looks very Oriental - the most  striking feature being one of the biggest mosques in Turkey. That is were I met up with my couchsurfing host Orçun. Together we cycled to the modern outskirts where he lives in a place which is just perfect: there is a piano in the flat and a pool in the courtyard. I spent a wonderful first evening in Turkey with Orçun and some of his friends - including dinner and drinks in a beautiful place, very interesting and very helpful conversation and a guitar playing session til late at night, yeah!

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