Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 054 Edirne - Uzunköprü

I was very relaxed when I hit the road this morning. I left Edirne on a major road which fortunately had some very wide shoulders, perfect for cycling - only a bit of up and down and some headwind made it slightly exhausting. Most cyclists take the direct route to Istanbul from here but I turned right at some point as I will ride south to Gallipoli peninsula, cross the Dardanelles and eventually reach Istanbul by ferry from the south.
There is one main difference to Bulgarian roads: while in Bulgaria there were some trees giving me a chance for short breaks in the shadow every once in a while, today I was riding all day in full sunlight. Do not get me wrong: yes, there are trees in Turkey, just none close to the road. It was not that big of a problem for todays not too long ride, but I can imagine that it will become very hard in the mountains. Also finally the landscape starts to turn more yellow/brown than green here.
I ended up in Uzunköprü, the name meaning Long Bridge - I entered town after crossing the same, a nearly 1,5km bridge from the 15th century, the longest stone bridge in Turkey, wow.

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