Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 248 - 249 Kumbakonam

Waiting for the Masimaham festival gave me 2 relaxing days. I used it to do some long overdue stuff: having a tailor repair my only long trousers (the ones that I always wear for cycling, guess which part was broken) and finding an optician - my glasses were grit blasted during some thousands kilometers of desert, right now the world looks pretty blurry for me. Of course I still have spare glasses, but I prefer to have this second pair in case of emergency - I am a mole, without glasses I am near-blind. I needed some negotiation skills to get a real oldschool model instead of the flashy red model they wanted to sell me. Now I only hope that the glasses won't look too much like ashtrays.
In the city the upcoming festival is prepared: temples and streets are being decorated and there are some huge (huge!) chariots parked around the temples. There was already one small parade this evening. Led by an elephant one of the chariots was pulled through the streets, accompanied by couple of musicians. The elephant was even blessing bystanders with his trunk.

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