Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 271 Auroville - Mamalapuram

Sunburn! Autschn! It seems that 2 weeks in the office made me lose more tan than I thought. After a few hours of cycling my arms and my face acquired the colour of a female baboons butt in heat. Fortunately my cycling ended in pretty touristy Mamalapuram (a.k.a. Mahabalipuram), which means: sunscreen is widely available.
From Auroville I just followed the East Coast road, which was very scenic at some stretches. At some point I rode along many salt harvesting facilitied, i.e. small lakes filled with sea water where the sun evaporates the water and leaves back the salt. I had troubles getting my phone working which meant no proper gps-navigation and I promptly got lost once. Not so bad though, just had to cycle back a few kilometres.
During my hunt for food in Mamalapuram the starry sky looked strange: Orion seemed so small! I realized that for the last weeks the jungle of Auroville would only allow me to see a very a small portion of the nightsky, now that I could see the sky in its full glory everything looks very different.

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