Thursday, March 8, 2012

Palm leaf reading day 251 Kumbakonam - Vaitheesvaran Koil

I cycled to Vaitheesvaran Koil - the village with the most famous palm leaf
library - bundles of palm leaves containing tiny scripture predicting
everyones future. Palm leaf reading is big business here. The readers even
try to increase their income by predicting terrible things (major diseases,
unhealthy children) which can only be prevented if the temple gurus are
paid for performing a certain amount of prayers on your behalf. But
nevertheless I was too curious to not try it. So here is how it went: I had
to give an impression of my right thumb (left is for girls) and my birthday
- these two were enough to find the stacks which could possibly contain my
leaf. About an hour later the reader appeared with two bundles and an
interpreter. After a short prayer he started to search for my leaf by
telling me random details (number of siblings, first letter of parents
name, profession) of the leaves and checking with me if they were correct.
Of course with every failed attempt he found out more about what he was
looking for. After about ten leaves he declared to have found my leaf. Now
a price negotiation started - we settled on a price that was only a portion
of their first offer but which still gave them a huge profit - as I said,
palm leaf reading is big business here. Then the reading started, so this
is my past and my future:
In my former life I have been living in a snowy country. I was male and the
only child to my parents. I enjoyed a good childhood, good education and
led an honourable life until the age of 25. At 26 I married and had 1
child. At the age of 30 the trouble began: I left my wife and child and had
2 illegal girlfriends. I drove them to a combined number of 4 abortions and
finally drove both to suicide - these are the sins I have carried on into
my present life and which can only be washed off by having a guru
performing prayers on my behalf. The rest of my former life was honourable
again - with the girlfriends gone I returned to my wife and child at the
age of 35 and when I got older I gave a lot of money to the poor and built
a lot of temples. Which is the only reason why I was reborn as a human.
In my present life I will receive something completely unexpected by a
foreign friend within less than one year. Within the next 2 years I will
marry a very good girl, who is about 1 foot shorter than me, lives within
100km west of my house (which house, I am currently homeless?), has a short
modern name (2 or 3 syllables) starting with R or a vowel, ending with
something like za, si, sa (I didn't quite understand this part) and has
Aries, Libra or Cancer as zodiac sign. Mmmh, whatever happens once I get
home, I have very very tserious doubts on that 'marriage' part. Anyway,
soon after we will have our first child, a boy, and with him many fortunes
will hit our door. My earnings will increase threefold and I will introduce
new things in my profession which will earn me the appreciation of many
other countries. Other countries will call me because of my great
achievements. My dad and my sisters and her children will all be of good
health. Some years later we will have a second child, a girl. Because of
the increased income I can get a modern building which will be called after
the girl. My wife and children will be very happy, both children will get
good education and I will create something (animation, cinema, art) for
children entertainment (I really really liked this part). Everything will
be fine until I am about 50: no major diseases, no misunderstandings, my
dad won't have any major health problems, my sister and her family will be
fine. Shortly after 50 however some belated midlife crisis will hit me and
there will be some reasonless misunderstandings between me and my
wife/children. We will manage to get over this however and around this time
some good events (marriage,...) will happen in my sisters family. My both
children will receive the highest education in a technical field and both
will be successful, travel a lot and will found families in other
countries. I won't have any major health problems until the age of 74,
after that I might develop problems with the nerves and the joints. Oh, and
because I am leading such a good life this will be my last birth. I will
get moksha (though of course this one will only work out if I pay the guru
to perform the prayers...). Sooo, I see you guys in Nirvana.
My lucky numbers are 1,5,8,9.
My lucky days are Monday, Wednesday, Saturday.
My lucky direction is South.
My lucky colours are black (I knew it!) and blue - with a stronger focus on
blue for my future life.
My lucky planets are Jupiter and to a lesser extend Saturn.
So, everybody please read this again in 5, 20, 40 and 60 years and be
amazed of how everything really went.

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