Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 254 Auroville

Relaxed sunday. The first activity besides sleeping and reading
was,watching a performance of Russian plate bells. Wonderful instrument.
And the best thing about it - at some point people from the audience were
allowed to join. Guess who did ? I want a set of this bells, now!
And there are other news: today Trabant drew the winners of the Haiku
lottery! From 12 poems (of which 9 were more or less Haikus) the following
are the winners:

In deinem Auge
Ich seh die Göttin des Lichts
So klar wie ein Fisch

Eine Fischsuppe,
die Göttin der See im Tel-
ler, welch' Augenschmaus

Weder Fisch noch Fleisch
Sag mal Nein zum "Augen"-schmaus
Die Göttin dankt es

And what could suit the end of the Haiku-lottery-day more than a
performance of japanese dance, accompanied by shamisen, both very (VERY!)

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