Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 335 - 336 Vienna

Everything is so easy here! Within one morning I had accomplished the first of Piyushs gift-delivery-missions and found a bicycle shop that would show some affection to Arthur. Now he has new lights, a new mud guard, a perfectly working gearshift, smooth steering, a new lock, a new pump,... - Bicycle Company, close to Naschmarkt is highly recommended. While I was waiting for Arthurs repair: Music! Vienna had prepared a great cultural program for my arrival in Europe: one evening the wonderful, terrible Tiger Lillies and the next evening the Master himself, the greatest German musician of our time: Helge Schneider !!!
The Tiger Lillies were a bit handicapped as they were playing with a very confused replacement drummer - which at times made it just more funny. They seem to be big in Vienna and the audience was surprisingly old.
Helge was just Helge. Which is the best thing an artist could possibly be!
One afternoon I visited the house of music - a museum full of musical and sound games. That is my kind of thing! I spent most of the time on the floor with the sound-games. Another floor was dedicated to the most important composers of the area. And another one to the future of music: they presented some mostly dissonant electronic pseudo-futuristic sound-pulp. Very much a seventies version of the future.  I sincerely hope that this will not be what the future of music will sound like.

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