Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 347 Plzeñ - Velka Hledsebe

Got up early! Tom seems to have a good influence on me. After an opulent breakfast we hit the road. Despite the predictions of the weather report (all day rain!) it stayed dry all day - nearly. Once we had found accomodation in a bungalow at a camp ground we decided to sightcycle without luggage to nearby Marianske Lazne (Marienbad) - a spa town known for its many hot springs. Even though we couldn't see any springs as most of them were surrounded by hotels, we agreed that it might be a nice holiday location for us in 50 years. On the way back we stopped at a supermarket to organize tomorrows breakfast. When we were done with shopping hell had  broken lose: heavy hëävÿ rain. And most of our waterproof was in our bags which were in the bungalow. We waited until the rain got a little less, finally decided that it wouldn't change for the next hour or so and started cycling back. I had at least a jacket with hood, so I only got wet below the waist, but Tom got fully drenched. Hopefully our shoes will have dried by tomorrow morning and hopefully their won't be more rain.

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