Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 346 Rokycany - Plzeñ

Yeah, Tom is here! From now on the cycling group will grow and grow until the big final in Leipzig. Still alone I cycled the short distance from Rokycany to Pilsen - after I managed to open my very new lock - took me about an hour - it seems too much rain hasn't been good for it - I bought some oil, now everything is smooth again.
In Pilsen I spent the waiting time checking out what a pastry shop had to offer, hmmmm :o]
When Tom arrived we decided to stay lazy today and only start cycling tomorrow. So we found a very nice Penzion and had a walk through the city - we soon ended up in the beer brewing museum. Later we tasted some of the finished product and of course had a lot to talk about. I am very well informed about all the gossip in Leipzig now!

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