Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 196 Adh Dhayd - Al Khari

Sometimes I am really wondering how I could to make it so far. I have cycled from Germany to the Emirates but I still manage to start the day riding with half locked brakes for 15km - all the time thinking that cycling is pretty hard today and wondering why Yannik is going so much faster than me... As if that would not have been enough I was also wondering why my mobile would not charge from my Dynamo - until Yannik told me that my light was on.
We did not go very far today and we had many breaks. But we reached landscape! Mountains! I was told that there would not be any landscape in the Emirates but there is. Somewhere in the mountains we found a picnic place to put our tent. We left our stuff there and went for a short run - we have to train for Dubai Marathon!

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