Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 200 Khawr Siyabi - Ziyan

Wonderful day 200. I fell in love with Oman!
I started the day very early: before sunrise I was already jogging on the beach. It is a wonderful place here - fishing villages are lining the  coast, everything looks very castle-like as all houses have crenellated roofs (even the plastic water tanks have), the mosques are plentiful, modest in size and quantity of minarets but very playful in appearance. During my run I was greeted by many Omani men in their traditional dress (colourful compared to the white Emirati dress and with a special cap) and looked at but not greeted by Omani women in very colourful dresses. After returning to our perfect campsite under palm trees we had big sportsmen breakfast and before going on the road I had a bath in the ocean and made use of free showers I had found during the run.
During the ride we always tried to stay away from the main highway and close to the ocean as the ride through the fishing villages was just so so nice. Really really amazing! We both totally envy the people living in such a nice place. Once again tailwind helped a lot, so we will try to reach Musqat in one long day tomorrow. Tonight we sleep under palm trees again, this time a bit farer away from the sea but still a very decent place.

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  1. Splendid sunrise...take care Marek and enjoy every single minute of the lovely place!
    Hana from Prague