Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 210 Marathon day Dubai

I survived ! And I was not too slow: 3:55:36 - that's about 1 minute faster than my last Marathon. If I keep improving like that I will beat the world record in 100 years !
This time however it was not fast enough to get a portion of the 1.000.000$ price money. As in Dubai everything is extreme Dubai Marathon is the richest Marathon in the world (and started beside the highest building in the world and the biggest mall in the world, blablabla) !
Anyway, it was a good sightseeing tour - that is if you are into skyscrapers and stuff. Considering 2 weeks and 2 days of preparation I did quite well. Until km 36 or so I felt pretty good, only the last 6 km were tough: my legs were very hard, my left foot started to hurt, the pain went up to my knee, my shirt abrased somewhere under my armpits and I had to face the nightmare of every long distance runner (or at least those that never breastfed): I had lost the left of the two band-aids that were carefully placed over the nipples. Autschn ! But at this point I had already done most of the distance in a pretty good time, so I was simply too stubborn to give up. I have to say that I was very lucky with my shoes: I had bought them just 16 days ago and they did not give me any problems, amazing !
My last km coincided with the 3km Fun-run, which was no run at all - everybody, really everybody was just walking, promenading over the course. Fortunately the Marathon runners had their own lane, I could not have handled a traffic jam at this time. I was very happy when it was over and after a short rest I could only manage to meet up with Yannik who had done the 10km and get a taxi to the hotel - all this while walking very funny. In fact I still do. Nevertheless I managed to engaged in a Marathon wrap up phase, consisting of poisonously coloured donuts followed by an isotonic sportsdrink in a very shabby bar. For that beers we were joined by fellow cyclist Mr. Erick from South Korea. He will also go to Sri Lanka and India, so we might have another big cyclists party somewhere in India !

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