Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 203 Muscat: Marathon training

Today I did what some wannabe-hip jogging magazines would call sightrunning.
It was the last big test run and I did the 30km fairly well - I will definitely survive the Marathon, though I might not make it below 4 hours this time.
There really are not any must-see sights in Muscat, but the eastward coast road towards old Muscat is very nice, winding through some pretty high and barren mountains. After seeing so much beauty in Oman I was a bit disappointed by the Sultans palace - its just a bit too playful for my taste. After Old Muscat the road continues through some fishing villages, yacht clubs and finally really rural areas (with goats and cows and stuff) - this was a bit surprising for me as in the west the modern suburbs spread for something like 40km. Eventually I run inland towards modern Ruwi, got back to the coast close to the hotel and did another small round through parks filled with mostly Indian families on their weekend picnic. After the run I very much appreciated the fact that our hotel room has a bathtub.

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