Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 201 Ziyan - Muscat

We did it! 150km! Longest ride ever! All the way to Muscat! We got up before sunrise, were on the bikes at 8.30 and already had made 87km at lunch. Massive tailwind, yeah!
Once we had found a hotel we went to hunt for food and beer. Only then we realized that thus, was some kind of end. Until now we always had relatively clear plans where to go - we just had to decide which road to take to get there. In Muscat all roads stop for us - we know that we will fly to India (Yannik) / Sri Lanka (me) in a few weeks. Before that we will go back to Dubai for the Marathon. But nevertheless we don't have any real cycle-plan for the days inbetween. After always knowing what to do the next day for more than 6 months that is a very strange situation.

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