Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 197 Al Khari - Hatta Rock Pools

The mountains became very scenic, I would not have expected that in VAE. But scenic mountains also meant some very hard climbs. Furthermore we had a strong headwind, so we were pretty tired when reaching Hatta after noon.
From there we entered Oman but  we will go back to the Emirates tomorrow: our target, the Hatta Rock Pools are on Omani territory but best accessible from VAE. Once we had entered Oman it felt very African: very beautiful landscape and a dust and stone road (surface model 'washing board') winding through many a Wadi.
The rock pools itself weren't very impressive at first sight, but they were very nice to bath in - today I go to sleep fresh as a field of flowers and full of good food - pasta, pesto and surprisingly Indian-tasting chickpea-dhal.

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