Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 198 Hatta Rock Pools - Al Aqr

Triathlon day! We started the day with a training run followed some swimming in the rock pools. Before getting on the bicycles we even trained our goat-fighting skills as a very mean one tried to steal our breakfast (does this make it a quadrathlon ?) ! Around noon we finally started cycling back through Africa into the Emirates. The african roads made us very hungry, so we stopped at an Indian-run cafeteria in Hatta. From there it was an easy cycle to Oman: downhill and with massive tailwind. There were several checkpoints on the way: one to get Emirates exit stamp, one I don't know what for, one for getting the Omani visa (expensive: 40€ single entry / 100€ multiple entry!), and yet another one I don't know what for. From there we rolled down to the Indian ocean, the setting sun in our back. We just had time enough to find a camp spot on the beach. There was some road construction going on and the beach was very dirty - full of plastic waste (I am not sure if the waste came from the local people or from the sea). But it was a beach: sand, palmtrees, sea and stuff.
When we tried to prepare dinner we both ran out of gas - time to forget about that hightech cooking equipment and apply some real fire making skills (successful, of course!).

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