Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 226 Nuwara Eliya - World's End - Dambulla

Wake-up at 5 AM to go to World's End. Anne's first reproachful look at that very moment made abundantly clear that she wasn't too satisfied with the overall situation. Uuuuuh, I felt very bad for doing this to her. We got into the car half asleep and were driven to the Horton Plains National Park. We arrived at the park entrance around sunrise and were confronted with a huge entrance fee: about 20€ per person! It was quite nice, but I guess I wouldn't do it again for that price. We were both pretty tired and still felt Adam's peak in our legs. When we first arrived at World's End it didn't look as impressive as expected. After having breakfast we realized that we just had to a few meters more uphill to see the full extend of the 880m cliff on top of which we were standing. From this point it actually was pretty impressive even though it was not clear enough a day to see the sea. We walked a bit more through the park - always fighting tiredness and sore muscles - and eventually had a rest at a very beautiful waterfall. From there we got slowly back to the entrance and were driven to the nearest train station. When the train arrived it was already packed with people - we could only find a place to stand between two toilets, ├╝rgs. The filling level would not change much for all the 4+ hours ride to Kandy - we arrived there seriously exhausted and decided to take the A/C bus as it was the fastest option to Dambulla. After some confusion, some searching and beginning frustration we were picked up by our very nice couchsurfing host Iresha and tuktuked to her families home - a perfect place to rest which immediately brought back a smile on Anne's face. Iresha's dad Robert took us out to a bar/billard place for food and beer and the evening ended with us singing some songs to the family.

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