Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 229 Aluthgama - Negombo

Turtles! Babyturtles! Anne with a big big grin :o]!
We couldn't make it yesterday but today we went to two of the turtle hatcheries on the coast. They sell turtle eggs for just a bit more than the market price, so that the eggs won't be used for food. The eggs are hatched and the little male turtles are released to the open sea once they are 3 days old. Unfortunately we weren't there at the right time for releasing one - they are only released after sunset so that they don't end up as bird food. As only about one in hundred is female the she-turtles are kept in the hatcheries for a few years before they are set free. The hatcheries also take care of some disabled turtles, most of them have lost limbs after getting stuck in a fishing net. Even though Anne would definitely be much more able to thoroughly explain this to you I also have to admit that the small, clumsy turtles are very very cute.
After this cute experience we had to go back to Negombo near the Airport and I do not like the reason for that: Anne will fly home tomorrow. But first we were both surprised with a wonderful wonderful train ride. In the beginning the train was nearly empty so we could reserve a place in the open train door. With ocean views! Wow! Just wow! I've had some very nice train rides before but nothing quite like this. Very very beautiful.
Once we got back to Negombo we checked in to our beachside guesthouse again and went for a wonderful goodbye dinner. That evening even saw us singing in the restaurant - after convincing the local musicians that we were more interested in trying out their instruments than in their third rendition of La Paloma. It was a very very nice evening, even though I am sad that it will be the last one with Anne for a very long time.

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