Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 237 Kanniyakumari - Tirunelveli

Now the ride through India really begins: there is no better place to start
than on the southernmost point.
After a month of nearly not cycling I am finally doing some distances
again. I am slowly getting into this cycling thing again, though my
thoughts are still somewhere else most of the time. At least I had some
distraction from too much thinking: when I was flying into India I had seen
a lot of windmills from above. Now I felt what they were for - I felt it
right in my face. Freaking heavy headwind. Well, at least that is some
challenge. When it got later the wind got a bit weaker, but it also got
very sunny, very hot. Going north is definitely the right direction for me
- at times I even started to miss the Armenian winter! In the evening I
ended up in Tirunelveli - a normal chaotic indian town. I do not know what
special event was going on there but nearly all hotel rooms were full, so I
had to treat myself to an expensive (that means >10€} ac room.

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