Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 228 Dambulla - Aluthgama

We were on the road all day. After saying goodbye to our very nice couchsurfing hosts we got on a bus to Colombo. No seats available, grmpf. Fortunately Anne was offered a seat very soon and I got one somewhen later. Of course the bus took longer than expected. Somewhen during the ride it started to rain outside - I told Anne that getting soaked by the rain is an experience we had missed so far. But not for long: From Colombo we changed to another southbound bus down the coast. As we were just buying some fruits for the trip a hëävÿ rainstorm began. We just had to run about 20m between two roofs in the rain, but we arrived at the bus pretty wet. And the bus had A/C on full power. That are moments when you are happy to have a soon to be doctor as your travel companion. Heavy traffic made this busride take longer than expected, too. We had planned to set some baby turtles free this night, but as it got to late we had to postpone this plan until tomorrow. In Aluthgama I was a bit too suspicious when tuktuk drivers told us that our hotel of choice was closed - this is a popular scam in order to bring the tourists to another hotel that pays commission to the drivers. But it turned out that this time they were right, the place really was closed. But we found a very nice home at a nearby German-run place and enjoyed the evening with good food and a cute cat on our very own riverside balcony.

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