Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 231 Negombo - Thoduwawa

Finally I am cycling again - this is the first real cycling day since nearly a month ! Nevertheless Ib did not come very far. Once I had packed my stuff I met two other cyclists at the hotel, so we talked for a long while. One of them, an older German guy went on tour because he knows he won't be able to do that in a few years - he has a chronic illness which he has to treat with drugs which in turn make his muscles shrink. Nevertheless he made it though Europe, Central Asia & India - respect to that guy !
After noon I was finally on the road, cycling north along the coast. Once I went away from the big road it was very beautiful - a small seaside road through fishing villages. Palm trees, reddish sand, very friendly people, wonderful. And a perfect place for being lazy. I stopped several times on the way and finally was drawn into a small  beachside after only 30km. There I decided that though it is very beautiful here I did not want to cycle around aimlessly - I needed some goal to get over my loneliness. Thus I preponed my flight to India: tomorrow I will cycle back to Negombo and the morning after I will board the plane to Trivandrum.

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