Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 236 Nagercoil - Kanniyakumari

Around noon I arrived at the south of India! Like, the real south of India,
Cape Comorin, the southernmost Indian point there is.
I went for a very shaky boat ride to one of the two small islands off the
coast. Everyone was forced to wear life jackets - it seems that also the
boat company did not have too much trust in their vessels.
Back on land I strolled a bit around and ended up at a topless temple: all
men including me were ordered to remove their shirts (and mobiles,
cameras,...) before entering. Most of the temple visit I waited in line in
one of the outer chambers - everything was pretty dark there. As far as I
could see the black stone was carved in shapes that reminded me a lot of
Iran (Persepolis). In the inner chamber the line got more chaotic, so I
didn't really have a chance to see the goddess itself. I even managed to
slip out without the mandatory red spot on my forehead.
Once I was out and shirted again I just walked a bit more and finally saw a
chance to do something I had missed for all the 5+ months I had been in
India years ago:
sugar cane juice ! Hmmmnnnn ! Around sunset I came across a temple
dedicated to Gandhi. Maybe he had a different taste in temple architecture
but to me it looked just like a huge pink monster, brrrrrr.

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