Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 303 Dhule - Sendhwa

Finally a challenge! I had to cross a mountain today. Ok, compared to what I did in Turkey, Georgia, Armenia and Iran this here was just a tiny hill. But after so much flatness all through India this one was quite exciting. The road passed between to hills - one crowned with a Hindu temple, the other with a mosque. Only a few hundred meters high, nevertheless climbing the switchbacks was quite a fight - both for me and for the trucks. And it felt great!!! My legs did not forget how to do this.
In the morning I wasn't sure if I would go all the way over the hill today, because I was thwarted by a strong headwind. Halfway through the journey I had to decide wether to stop or to ride on - there I remembered that I am the guy who was cycled some 12.000 km and who crossed some seriously difficult passes in the middle of winter, so this little hill wouldn't be a problem for me.
Cycling through India can make you lazy - everything is just so easy here: easy landscape, easy to find a place to stay, even the truck drivers are used to cyclists.

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