Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 322 - 325 Vadodara

Some more rest days in my beloved Vadodara.
I organized my luggage, mailed some stuff home (packed and stitched in white linen), showed Trabant the old town and of course met again with Piyush.
Before going to Vadodara I had a couple of plans - one of them was having a Nilkanth Dryfruit Lassi at Nilkanth Lassi Place - the very place where we used to hang out a lot in 2003. But when I rode along the road where it was: big disappointment, it wasn't there anymore. Fortunately Piyush knew more about it: it had moved places several times inbetween. Now it is a bit farer out towards the airport, but the Lassi is as divine as ever.
On my last evening the mobile shop guys finally managed to unblock my mobile - after a week of being offline I can finally make and receive calls again.

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