Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 313 Vadodara - Khambath

The day started with an interview for the Times of India. For them I had even fully stocked my bicycle. Once the interview was done and photos were taken I removed most of the bags. For the next days I will travel with light luggage: only one pannier and the handlebar bag, that's all I need. I will cycle to the wonderful jain hilltop temple city at Palitana and back. Should take me a bit more than a week. From Vadodara I went down to sea level. It is hot, very very hot! And it is camel land! I had seen a few camels in India already, but here they are everywhere. Todays destination was Khambath (tcfka Cambay). It once was a big and important port - among others Marco Polo used to hang around here. But at some point the port silted up, so most of Cambays glory is gone. Nevertheless it is still a very atmospheric city and you can still discover some splendid merchants houses (in a variety of conditions). Somehow I really liked this town. And as it is on a peninsula (kind of), no tourist ever end up here by accident. I tried to get proof of that 'port silted up'-story and walked to what according to google maps was the waterfront. Yep, the story is true: there was a lot of sand, a bit of water but definitely no sea to see.

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