Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 329 Bilimora - Daman

After a morning treatment at the barber I started the considerably easier ride. The proximity to the sea makes things much better: It is considerably cooler. Which means: probably below body temperature in the (rare) shade! And there are even some clouds. And a fresh sea breeze. Of course all this good stuff comes with a price tag - reading 'more headwind'.
Anyway, I made it to Daman. The city of sin. One of two wet enclaves in the dry state of Gujarat. Thus just behind the border: an abundance of liquor stores everywhere! But while 9 years ago this was pretty much all Daman was about, things changed a lot. The coastline north of Daman city is now lined by a string of beach resorts, none of it existed in 2003. All of them catering to Indian tourists - people were very surprised to see a foreigner on a bicycle. A foreigner with a very funny tan mark on his face - that's what happens if you are cycling exactly south for several days.

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