Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 331 Boisar - Mumbai

Last ride in India. A surprisingly nice one. I was prepared for a day of dusty, hot, annoying distress. You know: blood, sweat and tears and stuff. But even though I had to take the highway it wasn't so bad. There were some clouds, it was 'cooler', the wind was mostly merciful. And there was an unexpected amount of landscape around. Pretty hilly. Beautiful.
Ok, except for the last 30km or so. Cycling into the moloch Mumbai was everything you would expect from it. But it had to be done. Now I am done with cycling in India.
I would have thought that this would make me feel strange, excited, sad, whatever - but somehow it just feels very normal to me. Maybe this is a sign that it is the right moment to leave. I had a great time here - I would not like to have missed a single day of my time here but it is also good that I return home after this great time.

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