Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 326 Vadodara - Bharuch

Time to say goodbye. I left my second hometown Vadodara. As I rode out of town I made a stop at Piyushs place and got to know his mother, sister in law, nephew, the nephews friend and 3 kittens. It was a touching goodbye. And I have some missions now: as Piyush has friends all over the world I will have to deliver some things on my way from Vienna to Leipzig.
But first: cycling towards Mumbai. It seems like India wants me to be happy about leaving: no matter which way I go I always have headwind lately. This combined with the freaking heat and dust doesn't make cycling particularly enjoyable. But I made it so far, so I can handle the 400 and a bit km to Mumbai, too. I ended up in Bharuch, oldest town in Gujarat with a recorded history of 8000 years. However, when riding into town I wouldn't heave noticed that - looks like a normal small Indian town nowadays.

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