Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 320 Dholera - Khambath

Wild mood swings! Not me. Not the cure. The wind! For the first half it kept on changing its direction every few minutes. For the second half it had pretty much settled to be headwind - which would have been kind of acceptable if it hadn't also been headwind when I went the same way in the opposite direction some days ago.
I think this is the first time that for a full day I cycle back the exact way I had done before. Appart from the wind it is actually pretty interesting - a completely new view on the landscape - even if the landscape is a very unexciting plain. And it was funny to meet some people on the way that I had met some days ago. I stopped at the same mango squish stall (and insisted on paying this time). When I had nearly arrived: another puncture - thorn in the bank tire. Fortunately close to a village. Of course I had half (or more) of the village population watching me fix it. Doesn't even really bother me anymore. My sense of awe needs some stronger stimuli now. I should get home soon - there are many crazy things around here that really should surprise me/shock me/gross me out - but, no: constantly being stared at, noise everywhere, shit all over the street, turning around and seeing a camel belly few cm from my eyes - it's all just normal for me now.

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