Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 305 Barwani - Alirajpur

Some days this country simply makes you crazy. Please let me end this trip without getting into a fight! Today I was close to it two times. One time once again some guy was playing with my bicycle just when I haven't been looking for few seconds. Second time some guy threw a small stone at me. I was already holding the second guy by his collar. But the guys here are just so short - despite my anger - doing anything more than screaming at him would have been so unfair. Nevertheless I told myself for the rest of the way, that I really really have to calm down. I usually like the fact that travelling shows you completely new sides of yourself. But I also pride myself on being an extremely peaceful person and I definitely would prefer to keep it that way.
Fortunately I had a nice welcome in Alirajpur: very friendly, helpful guys at the hotel - which I found because of the Enish AC/non-AC on a sign full of Hindi. My Hindi reading skills are getting better and theoretically I even know the signs for 'Hotel' it is still difficult to make them out within a jungle of Hindi signs.
Oh and I crossed the huge Narmada river today - on a very adventurous bridge where most of the railing had fallen victim to many many accidents.

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