Thursday, August 2, 2012

Encore Day 012 Zielona Gora - Grodzisk Wielkopolski

What a responsibly! Two times in a row I am couchsurfing at first-time-hosts. If I mess up they will never host any guests again. But I think I did ok. In the morning I said good bye and thank you to my wonderful hosts Lukasz, Nicola and Koschka and started a pretty long cycling day (ok, including some long breaks). Getting out of Zielona Gora proved a bit complicated as on some highways bicycles weren't allowed. But I made it and arrived in small and cosy Grodzisk, went straight to a icecream shop and waited there for my wonderful hosts Olga and Artur (yes! Finally a namemate for my bicycle). I had just written them a couchsurfing request in the morning, so I was lucky that it worked out. They are extremely nice. We went to their house where they live with Olgas parents, brother and dachshund. I was given food and drink, we talked a lot (English with Olga, Polish-German-whatever-messup with the rest: Hitler kaputt dobrze !) and I showed my travel route and some pictures to all of them before we went out for a short visit to a beergarden. Even Trabant found a new friend!

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  1. Thank you for so nice first couchsurfing experience! Best regards for Trabant (Puppy misses him ;) )