Friday, August 17, 2012

Encore Day 027 Bauska - Riga

Life ain't easy without a credit card. Things like booking a flight, a ferry or a bicycle for rent suddenly get far more complicated. Anyway, it looks like we get it all figured out somehow. Cycling today was pretty exhausting - long way, strong headwind again and some very very dusty roads. In the morning I stopped at Rundale Pils - huge castle, decked out like a christmas tree. Not so much my style, but Trabant liked it a lot. Than a lot of cycling. Last 20km on the highway - which was surprisingly ok - first a wide shoulder, later one lane blocked for traffic, so I could use this one. Riga hasn't changed much since I've been here with my dad 3 years ago. In the evening I was too tired for having a look around - will do so tomorrow after picking up my visitor from the airport.

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