Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Encore Day 036 Paide - Aespa

We hadn't managed to see all of the museum in the rampart tower yesterday, so we went to see the remaining parts. I didn't know that before, but in Paide we had also ended up at the birthplace of mighty mighty Arvo Pärt - on the way back to Kristas place we visited the site of his birthhouse. Around noon it was time to say goodbye to Krista and we started a long ride. About 90 km with mostly forest to the left, forest to the right. We just stopped a few times for food or a roadside coffee - which was the first time I used my cooker since leaving Leipzig. We arrived in the small village of Aespa where our host Raili lives in a small and simple but nice house - together with Simon, a very very dangerous tiger! In the evening we did the only reasonable thing: going to a Metal concert, yeah! Most of the bands were quite good and we even managed to meet some other couchsurfers there.

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