Thursday, August 9, 2012

Encore Day 018 Olsztyn

A perfect day. Really really perfect day. I am happy.
In the morning I had to leave my first wonderful couchsurfing host Iwona, who even gave me a gift: 'Sculpting in time' - a book of filmmaker Andrej Tarkovskij - I always wanted to read it, but up to now I only had the German, which obviously is a very bad translation - they didn't even manage to get the German title right. I am very happy to be able to read the English version now.
Even though unfortunately Iwona could not join our activities for the day, she invited a friend of her, Arthur. Me and Arthur soon were joined by Kasia and her friend Oleg. Together we cycled a bit out of Olsztyn where we could rent Kayaks. Before I could really think about it I found myself sitting in a Kayak floating on a beautiful river in a wonderful wonderful setting. I realized that cycling might be great, but it always requires some kind of artificial infrastructure - a road or at least a path - when kayaking however, you are really completely within nature. We floated through wild forests, green meadows, along some farm houses whose owners were the targets of all our combined envy. The weather was pretty unstable. Every once in a while there was some rain - as we couldn't do anything about it, we just decided to enjoy it. And as there were some periods of sunshine inbetween it just added to the athmosphere. All along the river there were many beautiful blue dragonflies, which fluttered more butterfly(Schmetterling!)-like. We also saw swans, cows, dogs,... It was a wonderful trip, something I should do much more often.
During the end a pretty heavy rain started, but we managed to drag the kayaks out of the water and find shelter in the kayak rental mans car.
When we cycled back home: bright sunshine again - crazy weather. Back home Kasia prepared a delicious, huge vegetarian meal. And everybody in the house played guitar and sang. Kasia had told me that she played a bit, but she had completely concealed that she also sings - and very very good! We were joined by Kasias dad, who also performed some songs on his custom-build bluesharp-on-the-guitar-device. He also surprised his own daughter by speaking some English.
In the evening we all met again for a lakeside bonfire, during which me and Arthur realized that despite sharing a Kayak for most of the day, we had missed something important: we share a very distinct musical taste, especially bands like Coil and Current 93. The wonderful day ended in an even more wonderful way. I could not imagine something nicer than having a pretty girl with a heartbreakingly beautiful voice singing my own song to me. In German. With a wonderful accent. At the lakeside bonfire. Under the moon and the stars. Until long after midnight. Hach!

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