Sunday, August 26, 2012

Encore Day 034 Tartu

Rest day! We slept in and only  started the day after lunch. Despite being Estonias second biggest city, Tartu is pretty small. It has some interesting sights though. We went to Domberg which is crowned by a gothic church ruin. Once we got down we went into the Tartu art museum. I especially liked some of the paintings/objects from the last 2 decades.
Some hot chocolate and cake later we got lost in antiques shops which had surprisingly many German books on offer. Later we found another old church in which some guy played piano - very simply but very soulful. Finally we organized a sunflower and brought it back to our host Silvi. She is an incredibly knowledgeable woman. It is really amazing what kind of people you meet when couchsurfing - I wouldn't have dreamt of ever having a chance to meet a university lecturer of semiotics. But she also knows about many many other topics, so we spent the evening discussing with her about literature, politics and much more.

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