Friday, August 3, 2012

Encore Day 013 Grodzisk Wielkopolski - Poznan

Uuuh, what nice couchsurfing hosts. This morning Olga even gave me a packed lunch and joined me on the bike to show me the way out of town. It was a pretty short way to Poznan, but at about the half it started to rain and slowly became stronger and stronger until it felt like Polish monsoon. My good water-proof cycling shoes have survived the last year, but now they have some holes. When I arrived in Poznan the monsoon had stopped, but my shoes and socks and feet were soaked. Out of the multitude of hostels I unsurprisingly picked the one called La Guitarra. Nice hostel, but not many guests right now. I spent the afternoon with some more travel planning - most probably I will have a visitor joining me from Riga to Helsinki :o) I shortly went out to sample some pretty good buckwheat dish. On the way back a busker played some not perfect, but great version of Bohemian Rhapsody - which inspired me to spend most of the evening playing guitar, too.

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