Sunday, August 5, 2012

Encore Day 015 Rozalnowo - Torun

That was a hot day. Not quite Indian-style hot, but still pretty exhausting.
The best parts were the beginning and the end. In the morning I took my time to enjoy the beautiful lakeside rough camping spot - and as I got ready for breakfast I was thankful to my past self which had organized cookies which I had completely forgotten about. As I had run out of battery I cycled without GPS - which isn't so bad anyway, maybe I should just let my mobile turned off more often.
In the afternoon I was again the first time couchsurfing experience for Anita & Artur & their kitten. I like to write couchsurfing requests to people without any references to give them a good start at couchsurfing. They were very nice, I got very tasty vegetarian food and they showed me around the small but very beautiful old town of Torun - which is famous for being the birthplace of Kopernikus (this I knew) and a rather radical catholic radio station/old peoples money gathering business (this I didn't know).

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  1. "maybe I should just let my mobile turned off more often"
    DAS hat dir der teufel gesagt! :D