Friday, August 10, 2012

Encore Day 020 Kosewo - Borowo

The night was dry, but in the morning the rain began. While I was waiting for more cyclable weather I got to talk to another Katarzina, an impressive women and certainly a far bigger adventurer than me. As we talked she was nursing Susanna, her fifth child and most likely not the last one. I know that many people consider it strange to have so many children nowadays and many would bring forward arguments of overpopulation etc..., but I really like such big families. All of them seemed to be very happy and the children were very well behaved - ok, the kids stole my cookies, but only to distribute them fairly among themselves. Mmmh, this really looks like a great adventure for when my travelling days are over. But I guess nowadays in Germany it might prove difficult to find a girl whose family ideal doesn't stop at one or two children. When seeing such happy families I start to think if I shouldn't have thought about having own children earlier. Ok, I am in my mid thirties, which nowadays is an acceptable age for not having children yet (at least in Germany). The saddest part about not having had children earlier is that they won't get to know their grandma, as sadly my mom died some years ago. Well, cycling around the world for a year also doesn't exactly help in finding a girl to found a family with. Maybe it is really time for me to get home. You see, I was pondering quite a lot while I was cycling through the wonderful Masurian landscape. Around noon the rain had kind of stopped so I could get going. Not much later another shower drove me into a restaurant, but once this was over I could cycle safely along the beautiful lakes. I ended up at a lakeside campground near Gizycko. From here on I have only 2 days left in Poland, than I will enter Lithuania.

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